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Email Marketing and Automations

Email Marketing and Marketing Automation in the new era

Create your own marketing automation ecosystem today. Marketing automation can be specified from a broad range of marketing activities, enabling automatic performance and analytics. Streamline sales and marketing organizations by replacing high-touch, repetitive manual processes with automated solutions. Perfectly sync with your online business. Justify your marketing cost to deliver more.

Learn more about email marketing options:

  • Personalize Electronic Direct Mail (EDM) for your customer

    Sending an email with the dedicated title, occasions and content is the best way to increase the effectiveness of communication. A well set up personalized EDM for you to offer diversified services for their specific needs. Talk with our specialists for your series of EDM campaign.

  • Database management and segmentation

    Automatically streamline data into targeted groups for further nurturing process.

  • Marketing Automation

    As participating online activities is increasing, effectively market on multiple channels online i.e. subscription, social media, website, whitepaper downloading, event enrolment form etc. Automate repetitive tasks Instant respond is a fatal winning point to get customer engagement and even conversion. We are pleased to assist you to manage your customer switch online and offline, align your pace with industry standard today.

  • Open Rate Tracking tool

    Provide complete Open & Click reports to review the campaign performance and make a better decision.

We are here to assist you sending professional email marketing campaign, focus on the interactive that brought for good. Converse your audiences with sales, be professional, be automated.


Design your Marketing Campaign with Tech

Create successful campaign doesn’t limit to involve technology to increase the motivation of action. A highly accessible, mobile-friendly campaign give your audiences a friendly landing place and participation.

Our Well-Integrated Marketing Campaign service brings you a seamless management from campaign Mini site, registration, confirmation, tracking, QR code check-in and participants administration to manage your online and offline campaign in one go. Data and action work together.

You can either create the beautiful Electronic Direct Mail on your own with drag-and-drop creator or we create and plan the campaign for your Ease.

If you have your own database and does not have a clear segmentation, we can help you to streamline your database into different targeted groups for better segmentation for you to execute marketing plan. This way you can send right message to right customers to pursue higher customer engagement. Also, database clearance service is provided as well, expired and those email has not longer exist, we shall clear them for new Email Marketing action.

Your customers will receive beautiful mobile friendly Email from you, our Email is programmed and fit with mobile and can be responsive to different devices.

Corporate Interactives aims to provide supportive digital marketing consulting service and technology to integrate two platform seamlessly to make it works. You will see how do we release email marketing power.

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